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Southern Shell Farmer by Kiabugboy Southern Shell Farmer :iconkiabugboy:Kiabugboy 223 3 southern bugs- Nomads project by Kiabugboy southern bugs- Nomads project :iconkiabugboy:Kiabugboy 109 9 Grim eagle- Nomads project by Kiabugboy Grim eagle- Nomads project :iconkiabugboy:Kiabugboy 404 7 Gigapengus- nomads project by Kiabugboy Gigapengus- nomads project :iconkiabugboy:Kiabugboy 309 7 Eastern giants- Nomads project by Kiabugboy Eastern giants- Nomads project :iconkiabugboy:Kiabugboy 106 9 Fresh water plains by Kiabugboy Fresh water plains :iconkiabugboy:Kiabugboy 22 2 Eastern Nomads  by Kiabugboy Eastern Nomads :iconkiabugboy:Kiabugboy 74 1 Northern Nomads - marshland border by Kiabugboy Northern Nomads - marshland border :iconkiabugboy:Kiabugboy 130 4 Norilsk 2160 by Kiabugboy Norilsk 2160 :iconkiabugboy:Kiabugboy 76 4 Beneath The Waves- Line Up Final Final by Kiabugboy Beneath The Waves- Line Up Final Final :iconkiabugboy:Kiabugboy 43 4 Beneath The Waves - reef inhabitants by Kiabugboy Beneath The Waves - reef inhabitants :iconkiabugboy:Kiabugboy 52 2 Beneath The Waves Cetan cetaceans by Kiabugboy Beneath The Waves Cetan cetaceans :iconkiabugboy:Kiabugboy 102 4 Beneath The Waves - People of the frontier by Kiabugboy Beneath The Waves - People of the frontier :iconkiabugboy:Kiabugboy 98 4 Beneath The Waves - Mura Kelp kingdom by Kiabugboy Beneath The Waves - Mura Kelp kingdom :iconkiabugboy:Kiabugboy 64 0 Beneath the waves - Kohura reef community by Kiabugboy Beneath the waves - Kohura reef community :iconkiabugboy:Kiabugboy 55 3 Beneath The Wave - Cetan raiders by Kiabugboy Beneath The Wave - Cetan raiders :iconkiabugboy:Kiabugboy 113 8


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Southern Shell Farmer
the desperate shell farmers of the south, living in some of the most remote southern towns near the icy plains. They make a living traversing the inhospitable badlands teeming with arctic arthropods and territorial Gigapengus, harvesting the ripe beached sand shells, small filter feeding creatures that live their lives as buoyant rocks on the water surface, most of them gets beached onto land and overtime the entire area was carpeted in these living pebbles
Grim eagle- Nomads project
Haliaateus craniocephalo

or what some of the locals in the southern highlands have nicknamed ‘the grim reaper’

descended from the iconic bald eagle of North america, it is one of the few old world raptor birds in the continent that’s still more ‘bird’ than raptor, as most other predatory birds have resorted to adaptations that seemingly reverts them back to that of their Jurassic form, loosing flight capabilities in favor of larger size and hunting with speed on the ground.

however Haliaaetus craniocephalo is still very much capable of flight, making it a very formidable and feared creature to southern nationeers, the fact that no one ever managed to tame them isn’t helping either. And even though it isn’t as large as its ground dwelling relatives, it makes up for it in sheer aggression and brute force, like an avian equivalent of a honey badger. Not to mention, the ridiculously long phalanges it sports on its wings, looking much like a scythe which it uses to attack other carrion feeders competing for its meal. This, coupled with its skull-like face made of keratin and black metallic feathers gave it its titular nickname. 
This adaptation isn’t without purpose, having a face that looks like it has been torn to shreds helps Haliaaetus mimic a rotting dead corpse to avoid larger predatory animals when it is cornered, the fact that it commonly feasts on rotting corpses like a vulture and gets covered in decomposing blood and tissue enforces that adaptation. Haliaaetus even adapted to have pungent odors from its blood, and staying true to its brutal fashion, the bird has been known to deliberately puncture its own skin to draw blood when there aren’t any nearby external sources for it to cloak itself with when in danger.
Gigapengus- nomads project
"as the southern mountains end, nothing can be seen other than the frigid polar sea, and the Antarctica archipelagos, which the Southern nation calls the barren ice plains, a land so ancient it is said to have existed far before the catastrophe, even existing before the old world flourished and fell, when the poles of the planet hadn't been reversed by the great calamity. Here, vicious 'Gigapengus' scavenge and fight each other for every little bit of food they can scrape up to survive the inhospitable land, hunting down smaller pengus and other critters on land, large fishes and invertebrates, and occasionally finding a bounty of giant filter feeding arthropods swarms, idly roaming in the icy waters, though they must be wary as some of these giants far exceed their own size and a few might not be such gentle plankton feeders, but opportunistic hunters.
okay, test tomorrow
brain: i'm bored, draw somthing....

*looks at clock


Robot 1 by Kiabugboy

another quick mech painting about a month before

Mech Painting2 by Kiabugboy


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Aldrich Hezekiah
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
i'm a high school student living in the city of Surabaya and i have always loved to draw since i'm young. right now i aspire to be a concept artist and i hope that i will get better and better as time goes by



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