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Fresh water plains
moving from the colossal arthropod-infested jungle ruins and mega fauna grasslands of the northern roads, one would find almost all of the major water systems in the secondary continent, save for the three in the sand plains, lead to the great eastern freshwater plains. a massive area spanning several states wide completely submerged in freshwater, with some areas forming into vast shallow marshes covered in giant lily pads and stalky plants, dense freshwater groves, or deep lakes filled to the brim with teeming aquatic life, from dog-sized spring tails, ambush shrimps to literal giant water serpents that only legends could’ve conjured up. 
here too, the nomads persevere. The eastern and northern nomads has a shared ancestry and both are in good terms with each other, occasionally engaging in trade around their borders.

The eastern nomads have some key differences in lifestyle from their northern brethren. Instead of constantly avoiding creeping jungles and dense vegetated areas, the easterners ironically follow them instead, setting up their plastic tents and tying up their makeshift rafts or boats to tall water bamboo-like growths, or the mangroves that provide a good support with their intertwining aerial roots. The easterners must constantly follow the growth paths of these vegetation so that they have a place to set up their homes and have constant source of wood and plant materials to build or fix their rafts, or a place to hunker down when seasonal flash floods occur, And these places are also where the smaller fish and edible creatures hide from the open water giants, perfect for the nomads to take advantage of. Though these water jungles aren’t spelling dooms to anyone who enter them like the northern ones, they do come with their own dangerous denizens, semi aquatic arthropods, predatory raptor-like crane birds and other amphibious lifeforms plague the easterners as much as the north and they must keep constant watch to keep their community safe.
Eastern Nomads
a big thing in the eastern nomad culture is their love for hunting down old world relics. Here a band of relic hunters near the borders of the plains during a particularly heavy algae blooms are collecting items that have washed up from the rivers of the north, The abundance of algae signifying that weird chemicals possibly from a horde of plastic relics have recently entered the area . Due to the nature of their geography, the easterners have different kinds of relics that are available to them. Having all those rivers wash up to their lands means plastic are abundant. On one hand, their materials are limited to light weight plastic or other things that won’t sink in the bottom of rivers like vehicle parts and heavy metal objects. which also dictates their clothing, many of them using the plastic like raincoats to provide water resistant protection for their belongings. And on the other hand, some of the most exotic and durable old world technologies end up finding their way to the freshwater plains, scientific instruments meant for research in watery areas, water resistant metal detectors, or state of the art research boats are among the rare items every relic hunter could hope to find, and some these exotic relics are highly sought after by the northern nomads as well who would gladly trade their own best technologies for them.
Northern Nomads - marshland border
A group of nomad foragers in the swamplands realized that they've made a grave mistake when they ventured too deep into the borders between the swamp and the collosal forests 
As one goes nearer into the towering jungles of the north, the landscapes would begin to change into something resembling no man's land, no large megafaunas that usually inhabit the prairies or swamps are to be seen anywhere, only creatures small enough to hide inside burrows or crevices, hiding from things even larger and more terrifying than the prairie giants, lurking behind the tall trees not far away. Even grasses and small vegetations are absent, they have already evolved to stay away from the ever-creeping forest, to avoid being engulfed in their shade. The plants that do grow resembles nothing like the normal vegetations the nomads usually see, instead they look more like gigantic versions of plants that grow in the dark forest floors. Because that's exactly what they are.

The nomads realized they have caught the attention of one of the insect giants from the forest, ironically a monstrous land-bound descendant of old world mosquitoes, though the females are flightless giants, the smaller males can be seen hovering over the trees far at the back. Both primarily drinks plant saps in their normal daily routine, but nearing the breeding season, the females need a surplus of energy for their eggs, so they have evolved to be able to eat almost anything, huge suckers that can both suck tree sap and blood from creatures as big as itself, but also mandibles to munch on small animals that it can scrape up from beneath the soft muds with its claws, while it's two modified antennas sense for heat in the ground and the other pair for movements on air. They'll eat anything they can find. squirming, galloping, running. or driving 
Norilsk 2160
A quick sketch/painting inspired from the mining city of norilsk in Russia "I'm just a normal human, I feel cold, I feel hungry, and tired" Mikhail replied when the interviewer jokingly remarked that from afar he looked like some kind of Android or robot from a distant planet

But this is no foreign world, it's the mining city of norilsk, one the most remote city in Russia. The year was 2160, and pollution from the mining activity has only gotten worse, clouds of sulfur dioxide coming from the nickel mines has dissolved into the air and mixed up with the snow, causing black muddy colors to cover the streets and rooftops.

Mikhail spends every other evening out in the open, with his makeshift vacuum bot he nicknamed 'boris', the amount of nickel that falls with the snow is enough to be recollected and sold again for extra money from the company, but also possessing a higher risk of causing cancer and countless other damages to the body. "Living here is hell, everyday I get home, my eyes sting from the sulfur, I can taste it in my mouth and feel it burn in my lungs, the noises from the hover freights landing onto the factories deafening my ears. " The 47 year old man complained "I would've never forced myself to endure this torture every day for every week, if it weren't for my Alexei" he continued as he pointed his shaking, arthritis-ridden finger towards a little framed portrait in his wall, in the photo was 10 year old alexei, currently in elementary school in the city of volgograd. 
The extra money he collects all year long is barely enough to get him a ticket aboard the hover freights to hitch a ride and exhange ships to an air ferry heading to volgograd so he can spend Christmas with his son and wife.
okay, test tomorrow
brain: i'm bored, draw somthing....

*looks at clock


Robot 1 by Kiabugboy

another quick mech painting about a month before

Mech Painting2 by Kiabugboy


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i'm a high school student living in the city of Surabaya and i have always loved to draw since i'm young. right now i aspire to be a concept artist and i hope that i will get better and better as time goes by



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